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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Posados & Mercados Gift Card.

What is a Posados or Mercados Gift Card?
The Posados & Mercados Gift Cards are convenient and collectible gift cards that can be used at Mercados or any Posados Cafe location.

Are there different types of cards?

Yes, there are three types of cards for each of our concepts.  They function the same regardless of the concept.  There are the $10 & $25 fixed value cards and the open value cards.  The fixed value cards are purchased for the face value of the card.  Once the value of the card is redeemed, the card can no longer be used.  The open value card can be purchased for any amount.  You can also 're-charge' your card by purchasing additional value for it.

Where can I use my Posados or Mercados Card?
You can use your Posados or Mercados Gift Card at all Posados & Mercados locations in Texas and Louisiana.

How do I know the balance on my card?
The balance can be checked on any register at any Posados or Mercados location, or by clicking here to check your balance online.

When I run out of money on my card, do I have to purchase another one?
The $10 & $25 fixed value cards cannot be 'reloaded' once their value has been redeemed.  However, the open value cards are fully re-loadable with any value.

What happens if I lose my card?
You should treat the Posados & Mercados Gift Card like cash. Keep it in a safe place. Posados & Mercados are not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Is there a service fee on my card?
There are two types of service fees that are applied to the cards, depending on which type of card you purchase.  On the $10 & $25 fixed value cards, a $2.00 per month service fee is applied to the balance of the card beginning after 12 months from the date of purchase of the card.  The open value cards have the same $2.00 per month service fee, however, the 12 month service fee period is reset each time you use the card (either redeem or add value).