Meet Richard Molpus

Richard Molpus' journey was one filled with triumphs, setbacks, and the unwavering support of his friend, Dooley. From the glory days of playing football alongside legendary athletes to the heartbreak of losing his sight, Richard's indomitable spirit carried him through every challenge.  

As Richard's vision deteriorated, he faced the harsh reality of giving up his dreams of playing college football. The countless concussions he had sustained on the field were now taking a toll on his eyesight. Determined to continue his education he left the Arkansas Razorbacks returned home and enrolled at Stephen F Austin and pursued his studies with unwavering determination.  

Richard's life took another turn when he ventured into the world of sales, ultimately finding success in the automotive industry. However, a devastating accident left him with a broken neck, causing a loss of feeling from his chest down. He underwent surgery to repair his neck, but it was during this time that his vision continued to worsen, leading him on a journey of numerous doctor visits and ultimately, the loss of his ability to drive.  

"Greatest thing that I've done in a long time. I love going to work."

Richard Molpus

Amidst the struggles and depression that accompanied his vision loss, Andy (Dooley) extended a lifeline to Richard. He saw Richard's talent, determination, and the need for a sense of purpose. With compassion and empathy, Dooley offered Richard a job at Posados.  

Overjoyed and grateful, Richard embraced his new role at Posados. Although he couldn't see, preparing the napkins and silverware became Richard's contribution to the restaurant, a task he performed with dedication and enthusiasm.  

"He's been much more giving than I could ever imagine."

Andy Dooly

Each day at Posados, Richard arrives early, eager to be part of the team and contribute his skills. The restaurant became a place of solace, friendship, and purpose for him. Andy’s (Dooley's) act of offering him a job gave Richard a renewed sense of value and belonging, dispelling the shadows of depression that had haunted him.  

Working at Posados allowed Richard to interact with the community he loved. He formed connections with fellow employees and customers, always eager to greet them with a warm smile and engage in conversation. Richard's genuine appreciation for his job and the people around him inspire those he encounters.  

Richard's story served as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can find purpose, friendship, and a way to touch the lives of others.  

Andy, also, has known Richard's wife, Sherry Beall Moore, since they were just five years old. Growing up in the same neighborhood, their paths had crossed early on, creating a deep-rooted connection.

Now, witnessing the profound love and happiness between Richard and Sherry filled Andy's heart with immeasurable joy. Seeing their bond and shared journey through life brought Andy a sense of gratitude and warmth, knowing that his dear friends had found true happiness in each other's embrace.  

And so, Richard's story continues to inspire, spreading a message of determination, friendship, and the power of offering opportunities to those who may have been overlooked. In the midst of darkness, Richard found light, not only within himself but through the kindness and support of his lifelong friend, Dooley, and the Posados family.

And in that light, Richard discovered a new path, embracing his abilities and showing the world that blindness does not define one's worth or potential.  

With immense gratitude, Richard extends a heartfelt thank you to the Judson Lions Club of Longview for their instrumental role in his journey. It was their support and generosity that allowed Richard to attend the School for the Blind in Little Rock, Arkansas. Richard was given the opportunity to receive the education and resources he needed to navigate his path in a world without sight. The impact of the Judson Lions Club's kindness on Richard's life is immeasurable, and he will forever cherish their support with deep appreciation.  

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